This nineteen year old singer songwriter has been busy making music since the early age of ten. At the end of 2013 she began writing her own numbers and this is now the focus for her music.

During the last eight years Jeanne has learnt more instruments than you can count on one hand. That’s why when you see her perform, she will not only be playing the guitar, but also the bass, synthesizer and glockenspiel. All of which are present on her EP ‘NO’, released in March 2014.

Jeanne’s repertoire transitions between exposed ballads about love to zesty nummers with intention. She makes music from her heart, you hear it in her lyrics and her distinctive voice, influenced by artists like Jeff Buckley, Nick Cave en Lianne La Havas.

Since her debut EP release she has been a guest twice on 3FM, played at Bevrijdingspop Haarlem and won the Public Prize at the finale of de Grote Prijs van Nederland. Jeanne is one of the artists that will be touring with Popronde 2015.


One comment

  1. Great singer songwriter with a very recognisable sound.
    Great lyrics that tell you a story of her personal life.

    Don’t hesitate and buy her Ep No.

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