Jeanne & Popronde



Popronde is a music festival that travels throughout villages in the Netherlands from September to November playing in 40 different locations; a free event that is all about supporting new artists from all genres, and providing them with a great opportunity for exposure.* Jeanne is one of the artists that will be touring with Popronde 2015.


  • Nijmegen: 17 sept – Daen
  • Apeldoorn: 18 sept – CODA
  • Eindhoven: 25 sept – ‘t Vonderke
  • Deventer: 26 sept – Openbare Bibliotheek
  • Wageningen: 01 okt – BBLTHK
  • Den Bosch: 02 okt – Jheronimus Bosch Art Center
  • Haarlem: 10 okt – De Roemer
  • Tilburg: 16 okt – Dudok
  • Den Haag: 17 okt – Murphy’s Law
  • Emmen: 05 nov – Dwars
  • Rotterdam: 07 nov – Van Gennep
  • Middelburg: 12 nov – Two Ladies Like



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Jeanne’s Record Store Day

Last Saturday – Record Store Day 2015 – Vinylify made Jeanne’s very first vinyl – with an exclusive design by Wall Dizzy!

We are very excited and we hope you are too, because you can get one as well! Vinylify made five limited edition copies to offer for sale on Marktplaats. If would you like to make an offer, you can click the link here:

The vinyl contains the two singles “Falling in Love” and “Hidden Flaws” which we re-recorded last November/December and the live versions of “Getting Close” and “Marsh Fire” recorded during the finals of the Grote Prijs van Nederland at Paradiso, Amsterdam.

The auction ends very soon, so if you would like to have one: do not hesitate.



A little update

This will be a little, personal update, just like the one I did on my Facebook-page a few days ago. It’s been a while and I want to keep everyone up to date with what I’m doing right now.

Due to my exams I won’t be performing as much in April and May as I would want to. After my exams, (hopefully) with a second diploma in my pocket, I can fully concentrate on my music again – and that is exactly what I am going to do. After this, my life will be all about that one thing that I love to do; making music. There will be no obstacles anymore.

I am working on new songs for a future EP and I am excited to try them out. I am also making plans with some other singer-songwriters to do a few weeks of touring this Summer, but more of that will follow later.

If you have any thoughts about where I should be playing this Summer, please send an email to – I am always open for suggestions.

IMG_7458 gzw      IMG_7461 gzw


That is it for now. If you want to know more about me, you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for daily updates.

X Jeanne

Jeanne + LIFRA Music



After Jeanne got into the studio with LIFRA Music late in 2014 she has released two new re-recordings of Hidden Flaws & Falling in Love.

The recording time came courtesy of her participation in The Road to Zandstock,  a competition for a chance to play at Zandstock Festival and win recording time with LIFRA Music (You can sign up now for this year, competition starts 9 May 2015)

These re-recordings have a greater depth and sophistication with a new 7pc band featuring: Joshua Aaron (keys and backing vocals), Mees Siderius (drums), Leif de Leeuw (guitar), Hessel Moeselaar (viola), Georg Jaspers (cello) Robin Bremer (bass guitar).

Check it out!

Many thanks to the teams at Zandstock & LIFRA!

De Grote Prijs voor Jeanne

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 13.28.55

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. I know one little lady that had a great end to 2014 after her performance in the biggest music competition in the Netherlands.

Jeanne Rouwendaal won the Public Prize in De Grote Prijs van Nederland, having received so much support from her fans. So a super big thank you goes out to all her fans and supporters across Europe and the globe. Thanks to you all she now has €1000 in the bank to spend on recording, touring or equipment to bring more beautiful music to our ears.

And thank you to our mate Nick van Vuure for making this awesome video diary of the night. Check it out! Featuring the new re-recording of Hidden Flaws.

This girl put together a 7pc band during the competition! That effort alone is amazing, needless to say, the band worked very hard in rehearsals to produce such a captivating performance.

The Band:

Jeanne Rouwendaal, Joshua Aaron (keys and backing vocals), Mees Siderius (drums), Leif de Leeuw (guitar), Hessel Moeselaar (viola), Georg Jaspers (cello), Sophia de Geus (backing vocals), Robin Bremer (bass guitar).

It doesn’t surprise me how far this girl has come in one year. When I first met Jeanne she was playing in a hidden room at the back of an empty bar in a small town in North Holland.

December 2013



I met up with her afterwards and we talked about her goals. She wanted to Play at Festivals; in 2014 she performed at Zandstock & Bevrijdingspop Haarlem, she wanted to have more gigs in the city and bigger than the local open mic night; in 2014 she played in Cafe Cox, W2, People’s Place and Paradiso twice. She wanted to create a band and she wanted to reach 1000 likes on her Facebook page, she is now on 1026 likes. Plus some great highlights like supporting Wouter Hamel, performing on Amsterdam FM & twice on 3FM.

Not many of us can say at the end of the year that we have achieved all of our goals and more. She’s an inspiration… So Jeanne, what are your goals for 2015? No doubt it will be a big year.

Watch Jeanne’s performance of Marsh Fire @ De Grote Prijs van Nederland.

December 2014



Through to the Semi-Finals!!

We are very happy to announce that Jeanne Rouwendaal will be performing in the Semi-Finals in De Grote Prijs Van Nederland, music competition! Again, a huge thanks to everyone who voted! This time Jeanne did not got through because of the votes (she was number 4, amazing!), but she got selected by the jury itself, based on her performance during the quarter finals.

The 15 singer-sonwriters that will be going through to the semi-finals are:

Taco de V, Iris Penning, Sascha Elisah, Nana Adjoa, Valentina Elèni, Charley Marie, Tim Tells, Marit Trienekens, Bregje Sanne Lacourt, Jeanne Rouwendaal, A Brighter Light, Chelsea & Boudewijn, Daniel Cane & The Rebellion, Arnold Veeman and Charl Delemarre.

The Semi-Finals will take place between Saturday the 18th of October & Saturday the first of November at venues, W2 (Den Bosch), People’s Place (Amsterdam) and TivoliVredenburg (Utrecht). Check out the agenda HERE for an overview of the finals.

In the meantime before the live rounds kick off, Jeanne will be participating in the second Bootcamp Session. This bootcamp will take place on the 27th of September at Paradiso with De Grote Prijs coaches (Dennis van Leeuwen, Wouter Hamel & Marien Dorleijn) to get her ready for the semi-finals.

Please continue to show your support for Jeanne Rouwendaal to get her into the final round, that will take place at Paradiso on the 20th of December. Check out more info at

I want to put a personal note in here as well, so I can say that I am very happy with me being selected for the semi-finals. As I was saying earlier on my Facebook-page: There were quite a lot of people there to support me at the quarter finals, and I would like to thank them for that; it really means a lot to me. I would also like to thank Max Dekker for playing “Rebel Rebel” with me, he was great!


Through to the Quarter Finals!

We are very happy to announce that Jeanne Rouwendaal will be performing in the Quarter Finals in De Grote Prijs Van Nederland, music competition. A huge thank you goes out to everyone who voted.

The voting ended last Monday with a total of 455 artists signed up to compete. After hours of scrutiny the jury; Ingmar Griffioen (VPRO 3voor12), Lisa Gritter (Suburban Records) & Waldo Volmer (Gigant, Cortonville) in the category Bands & Patrick Lamberts (Musicmaker), Cedric Muyres (Snowstar Records) & Joris van Welsen (Earth Beat) in de category Singer-songwriter, made their final decisions. The24 singer-sonwriters that will be going through to the quarter finals are:

A Brighter Light, Arnold Veeman, Bregje Sanne Lacourt, Bruno Rocco, Charl Delemarre (publiek), Charley Marie, Chelsea & Boudewijn, Daniel Cane & The Rebellion, Iris Penning, Isabelle Amé, Jack and the Weatherman, Jan-Anne van der Wel, Jeanne Rouwendaal
(publiek), Marit Trienekens, Mary Confurius, Nana Adjoa, Noam Vazana, Oscar Rasco, Pablo. A., Sacha Vee, Sascha Elisah, Taco de V, Tim Tells en Valentina Elèni.

The Quarter Finals will take place between Friday 29th of August & Sunday 14th of September at venues, W2 (Den Bosch), Metropool (Hengelo), Bitterzoet and People’s Place (Amsterdam). Check out the agenda HERE for an overview of the finals.

In the meantime before the live rounds kick off, Jeanne will be participating in a Bootcamp Session on the 9th of August at Paradiso with De Grote Prijs coaches (Dennis van Leeuwen, Wouter Hamel & Marien Dorleijn) to get her ready for her big performance.

Please continue to show your support for Jeanne Rouwendaal. Check out more info at

You can also hear a snippet of one of her songs in De Grote Prijs promo video.

De Grote Prijs van Nederland

Jeanne Rouwendaal has signed herself up for De Grote Prijs van Nederland! This year the competition is divided into the categories “Band” and “Singer-songwriter”. De Grote Prijs van Nederland is not only offering musicians experience on great stages such as de Melkweg (bands) and Paradiso (singer-songwriters), it is also offering musicians a chance to develop themselves through coachingbootcamps.  The contest works partially on votes. At the end of the day the jury desides… But if you are in the top ten of the public votes, you will have an extra chance to end up in the quarterfinals. Jeanne is currently number 8 of the 109 singer-songwriters that signed up so far. If you would like to support Jeanne and keep her in the top 10, you can vote for her through this website:

The voting ends Sunday the 20th of July 12:00 AM.

Thank you everyone who has voted so far!

The Road to Zandstock

Jeanne Rouwendaal participated in The Road to Zandstock competition in May with a slightly different sound than usual. She played some new material and songs off her EP ‘NO’ with Puerto Rican duo, drummer José O.Jiménez and guitarist, Ramiro Lladó from Amsterdam band Scarlet. They received a great crowd response and the judges saw them through to the semi-final only to be pipped to the post by Lukewarm Ocean. Jeanne was happy to walk away with some studio time by Lifra Music and a spot on the huiskamer stage at the festival on the 10th of August where she will perform a solo set from 15:15 – 16:00.

Check out for more details on the Festival.